Why you should look forward to Koh Tao for your honeymoon?

The beautiful island of Koh Tao located to the southern part of Thailand is one of the most popular & preferred destination for a honeymoon in Thailand. Home to some of the most famous sandy beaches including Saire Beach, Chalok Baan Kao Beach, Mae Haad Beach, Mango Bay, Koh Nang Yuan, Rocky Bay, Aow Lek, Tanote Bay, Hin Wong Bay, Sai Tong Beach, Laem Thian and others, Koh Tao offers the most magical experience to its visitors, especially if you are on your honeymoon in Koh Tao.

Moreover, the island is also blessed with a lot of tranquility that makes it a paradise for a loved up escape. Newly-wed couples looking for a perfect honeymoon destination can actually visit Koh Tao to make their honeymoon totally unforgettable.

The History of Koh Tao


The history of Koh Tao is quite interesting dating back to centuries. The island was named after the hordes of turtles found in the waters of the island. Actually, the word “Koh Tao” is a combination of two words “Koh” meaning “Island” and “Tao” meaning “turtle”. There were no trace of human existence on the island even during the two world wars, and the island destination was used as a prison to political leaders till 1933 to 1947. Even after 1947, the islands remained stranded for quite a long time, and it was only after 40 years that the destination grabbed attention and travelers actually placed an eye on this destination.

After its discovery, the island has undergone a drastic change and has now established itself as a topmost honeymoon destination in Thailand.

How to Reach Koh Tao

Koh Tao is easily accessible from various parts of Thailand. From Bangkok, you can take the Lompryah ferry & bus service for Chumphon. After reaching Chumphon, you can take a ferry ride for Koh Tao or can also take a small boat to reach Koh Tao.

Try Scuba Diving in Koh Tao


Home to the world’s best Scuba diving spots, Koh Tao is a wonderful spot if you would like to add some adventure to your escape. Every year, the destination invites a lot of scuba diving enthusiasts from all over the world for a thrilling vacation in Thailand. Moreover, you can also enjoy some other amazing activities like snorkeling, hiking, rock climbing and much more.

Experience luxury at the Resorts

The luxurious resorts of Koh Tao are known for their cordial reception, wonderful hospitality, and luxurious accommodation facilities. From in-house pool, restaurants, to spa facilities, and round the clock room services, the resorts of Koh Tao will add a zing to your romantic escape with their wonderful & unparallel services.

With Thailand honeymoon packages couples can witness the magical beauty of some of the most wonderful attractions of Thailand. So, what else are you waiting for? Plan your escape now with Special Thailand honeymoon packages and set off on your magical journey.


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