Kid friendly places to visit in India

Everyone loves to go on a break, but if you are going with your wife and children then it become a daunting task. With the child’s indecisive mind and low consideration span, it is significant to keep them indulged. So, you need to consider for places which have lots of interactive activities to make sure that the child do as their parents do. Here are the top places where you can keep your kids happy.

  1. Enjoy a ride on a toy train in Darjeeling


A holiday is more than you consider as it gives you a chance to experience the beautiful landscapes of snow-covered mountains, lush green tea gardens and a toy train ride. There is something for all walks of people, particularly for kids. Darjeeling is a kid-friendly place, where kids can take pleasure in the Amusement park, Garden, Water Falls, Cable Car Ride and Toy Trains.

Best occasion to go: April to June and September to December

  1. Experience huge crowd in Manali


Kids are unstoppable and do whatever they want to do. The exciting feeling is inbuilt in their minds and hearts. If your kid is also a dare lover, pack your bags and move to Manali to enjoy climbing, paragliding, Zorbing, Rafting, Trekking and lots more.

Best occasion to go: April to June and September to October

  1. Observe the history and culture in Udaipur


Let your child to know about the Indian history and culture that comes easily in Rajasthan tour. Udaipur is the imperial town of Rajasthan and has plenty of things to offer so that you could imagine a great time with your kids. There are puppet show, folk dance, speed boat ride and light & sound show to entertain your kids.

Best occasion to go: September to March

  1. Sit on the back of a Camel to ride in Jaisalmer


Animals always attract kids and they share a unique bond with each other. So take your kids to see the king of Desert and enjoy a ride of it at sand dunes in Jaisalmer. Also, Camping and staring at the stars in Thar Desert will be a special experience for the kids.

Best occasion to go: October to March

  1. Strawberry tasting in Mahabaleshwar

Strawberry tasting in Mahabaleshwar

Visit the Strawberry garden with your kids for strawberry picking and they will have a nice time. They will get a chance to eat Strawberry that comes straight from its plants and your kids definitely love it. Aside from this, Mahabaleshwar has a number of things to do for your kids like boating, Pony Rides and Children park.

Best occasion to go: March to June

When you are touring with the children, it becomes necessary to choose the right destination and your holiday will change into a grand with your kids. Your kids will enjoy at these places and you will be happy to see them. It is always nice to choose a kid friendly place whenever you are planning to holiday with your family because your kid’s choice keep more importance than your desire.


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