Top 5 best honeymoon destinations in India

Going on a honeymoon has become a trend in the world and couples who have married recently or going to marry soon can face a tricky situation of finding the best honeymoon destination in India. The country which experiences a diverse climate, flora & fauna, wildlife, cultures, traditions and so on offers you a number of beautiful places where your honeymoon can become a memorable time to store in your heart. Here we have listed some of the best name, which are known for its romantic surroundings and climate.

Andaman – Sparkling like a gem in the Bay of Bengal, Andaman is positioned in the east of Indian mainland. Tucked far away from the mainland region, Andaman is cozily situated among evergreen forests. Andaman tour packages provides you a memorable experience in this paradise of calmness and peaceful. Boasting of hugely rich flora and fauna, this place really is a gift of nature to couples.

honeymoon in Andaman

Goa – Treat yourself, relax and indulge in a favorite chill-out spot. Goa a place that is perfect for your honeymoon is a spice to add in your list. Discover its beautiful beaches, amazing food, different cultures, historical churches and many more. The place is full of beautiful charms and offers you nice time to celebrate your time with each other. Goa is full of many amazing things to see and do.

honeymoon in Goa

Srinagar – It is a city of outstanding landscapes and plentiful natural beauty. Srinagar is a globally recognized place because of its canals, houseboats and Mughal gardens. The place offers many breathtaking natural beauty inviting tourists from all over the world. Srinagar is changed into a new place every season. It looks very beautiful in winter season when snow covers the entire region and presents beautiful scenery for tourists.

honeymoon in Srinagar

Agra – The city is famous for the immortal love of two famous couple – Shahjahan and Mumtaz, which are transformed into a monument, called Taj Mahal a UNESCO world heritage site and a symbol of love. Couples can choose this place to remember the love of Shahjahan and Mumtaz as visiting the monument somewhere brings a great feeling and makes your relationship strong.

honeymoon in Agra

Jaisalmer – Located in Rajasthan a royal state of India offers you a grand honeymoon. The city is filled with a number of monuments that indicates the glamorous past of India and gives you an opportunity to know about the history of these centuries’ old palaces which still exist like all are built currently. Do camel safari, jeep safari, elephant safari and eat in the best restaurant of Jaisalmer to experience the real taste of Rajasthan.

honeymoon in Jaisalmer

Gangtok – The major city of Sikkim, India, Gangtok is surrounded with lots of greenery and you will love to be here and discovering all the charms. Being a wonderful place and a tourist hub for Sikkim, Gangtok is also a home of many Buddhism monasteries and adventurous activities. You and your partner can enjoy a lot of activities together and can have a good and gala time.

Honeymoon comes once in your life, so choose the destination carefully and enjoy your lovely time with your beautiful partner.


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