Mauritius – The Perfect Place for a Perfect Holiday

For holiday lovers from India, overseas holiday destinations have always been the first choice. However, a majority of them have to drop their idea because of high prices and overall sky-rocketing cost. If you are also one of them who have to drop your idea for memorable holidays to overseas destinations, then you are thinking wrong. You can plan your holidays even in less than Rs 50000 (excluding air fare) to some of the fascinated destinations for one week and even for some more time. If these are overseas holidays and the amount of lesser than Rs 50000, it will be of course surprising that will persuade more and more holiday lovers with the curiosity of knowing about the place.


For them, Mauritius is an ideal destination where they can have everything they love to enjoy during holidays in other countries. The island paradise where coral reefs welcome you at the white sand beaches, Mauritius is an ideal destination for those who want to spend some time away from the crowded destinations.

Why Mauritius?

There are some good reasons that persuade you to visit Mauritius as the beautiful country is well and heave a great range of hotels and resorts with exclusive offers. The beautiful island country is known for beautiful beaches and great snorkeling; while sample the traditional Creole Flavours, especially when it comes to seaford. The beautiful country is known for its amazing and great local markets – the ideal place to practice your haggling and find some souvenirs to take home. The beautiful country is a marvelous mix of African, Indian, European and Oriental influences that are all set on a spectacular island of white sand beaches, sugar cane fields and mountains. It is also home of some of the finest hotels in the world. Not to mention fabulous golfing and indulgent relaxation; while it is little wonder always attract honeymooners and romantic couples.


The beautiful island country is away from the city hustle and bustle; while you will have plenty of options to enjoy the best time in a way like never before. If you are on your honeymoon tour, then it will be the best destination for you. Being a paradise for romantic couples and honeymooners, Mauritius also attracts family holiday lovers towards Virgin Islands and beaches. However, vibrant cities of the beautiful country will also surprise you.

Book Affordable Mauritius Tour Packages


Rather than planning everything after reaching there, it is better to book the right Mauritius tour packages in advance that will be ideal option for you to have fund. These tour packages can be customized too. Depending on your choice, you choose the right package for one week, 15 days or very short time. Going through day to day itineraries is also an ideal decision to make. These itineraries provide you a virtual tour to your desired attractions and places of Mauritius. So what you are waiting for, book the right package before pack your bags and ensure flight tickets.


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