5 Must-See Temples in Bali

Bali’s shorelines are residence to a number of very old temples. More than a few of them have become the island’s most popular landmarks, featuring years old architecture and situated against the beautiful backdrops. They are great sites to travel at least once when you visit the Bali with Bali tour packages from Delhi.

Tanah Lot

Ocean Temple

Tanah Lot is possibly the most regularly visited temple on Bali. The temple is situated on the shoreline of Beraban village; it is just among Bali’s must visited places on tours. The onshore site includes small leisure amenities that include eating shops and a cultural park presenting daily dance shows. The best travel time is at the time of the holy day of Kuningan.

Uluwatu Temple


Uluwatu is a picturesque temple and also popular in the middle of the surfers. Placed on a southwest rock face, it is also referred as Pura Luhur Uluwatu by locals. Cultural programs for example the Ramayana ballet happen in a particularly chosen amphitheater at the temple’s south, which happens at the time of the golden sunset hours, ideal for unforgettable pictures. Absolutely, the place is one of the top places to go for picturesque views and moments.  Devotees across the island crowd to the temple for worships.

Goa Gajah

Goa Gajah

Goa Gajah is a historical place with great importance. It was built as a meditation site in the 11th century. Down from the roadside you reach a huge multifaceted including the strange cave, a temple patio with a set of huge stone relics and a very old bathing pool in 1954. The bathing pool has statues. The cave is thin, holding stone statues and meditation sites. The famous Petanu River runs behind the temple towards an area of good-looking rice paddies.

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Ulun Danu Bratan Temple

ulun danu bratan temple

This popular landmark located on the west part of the Bratan Lake. At the time of the high tide, the temple’s base creates a different balanced delusion, while the mountain range offers you hazy and dreamy backdrop. The amazing views and cool ambience of the temple creates a nice sightseeing and leisure spot for travelers. On other frequent day, the lakeside gardens and holy places provides you an entertaining time with various photographic chances. Leisure activities contain short boat tours around the lake, easy rides for paddleboats and water sports.

Besakih Temple

Besakih Temple

Besakih is an imposing multifaceted of dissimilar tribe temples and shrines. It is the biggest and holiest temple in the island. Placed at 1,000 m above from the ground of the Mount Agung, there are more than 70 celebrations take place every place. Another temple is Pura Pasimpangan, which is also a great view. There is a donation fee box at the door, while some colorful gifts are also present to buy at the parking complex.

Bali’s spiritual side can be discovered easily by visiting these holy places and knowing about the tradition and culture of the city. It also represents colorful festivals of Bali that happens throughout the year with great zeal and spirit.

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