Book Cheap Kerala Tour Packages and Cheap Honeymoon Packages in Kerala during Monsoon

Monsoon is one of the pleasant weather to celebrate holidays and to explore some of the prime holiday destinations to surprise you. Holiday lovers who want to explore some of the fascinating destinations and want to enjoy the monsoon months often prefer to explore some destinations in South India. They wish to savor a hot cup of coffee along with the beautiful sound of drops of rain from their window. They want to treat themselves to some of the good food and prefer to witness the cleanness and greenery at full swing. There are numerous wonderful destinations in India to enjoy holidays in a memorable way. Choosing the best one is an important decision to make. Choosing Cheap Kerala tour packages or best honeymoon packages in Kerala during monsoon season is certainly the best way of exploring wonders and to enjoy the best time in a memorable way.

Why Kerala in Monsoon Season?


The beautiful green state in southern part of India is considered to be the only Indian state where monsoon hits twice in a year through southwest and northwest monsoons – covering the vast dry lands of Indian Subcontinent. The beautiful rainy season make it more beautiful and pleasing. It is also in the list of 100 greats in 21st Century. If records are to be believed, more and more people prefer to avoid exploring Kerala during monsoon because of muddy roads, drizzling for hours and even for the day, delayed flights, untreated waters on the roads and a lot more. However, exploring this tropical land during rainy season is beneficial in a number of ways. There are numerous good reasons to explore Kerala in this season to witness a special look of greenery. Some of the good reasons are given below.

Romantic Weather and Romance Everywhere in Monsoon – Kerala Witnesses a Significant Change


During rainy season, the beautiful state or the green ambience (during constant downpours) becomes a romantic destination for couples to spend time. Kerala backwaters, Bekal Beach, Vagamon, Poovar Island, Munnar, Kovalam, Thekkady, Kumarakom, etc are some wonderful destinations to explore during monsoon. They offer you amazing sightseeing and romantic honeymoon spots during your trip. There are numerous other hideaways that will enthrall you and make your monsoon trip to Kerala the best ever enjoyed by you.

Attractive and Affordable Packages and Great Discounts on Everything

Another main reason to explore Kerala during monsoon is affordable prices and great discounts on everything from luxury accommodation to sightseeing and from food to shopping. You will get great discounts on cheap honeymoon package in Kerala or cheap Kerala tour packages from June to August and from October to November. Attractive deals are offered to you on everything you need during your holidays.

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Rainy Season – the Festival Season in Kerala to Know the Real Culture and Traditions

Rainy Season kerala

Monsoon is the festival season in Kerala like Onam – celebrated around August to September for 10 days. During this festival, entire state is covered in a different color when people make flower carpets or Pookalam and perform Poojas at home. They dress up in their tradition attire and visit relatives. The famous snake boat race is also performed during Onam on Pamba River. It is the must see festival among people from across the state.

Refresh Yourself and Get Your Positive Energy Back with Ayurvedic Massage

Ayurvedic Massage

During monsoon season, Ayurvedic massage is the best of rejuvenating your mind and body and to feel refreshed all the times. You will get Ayurvedic treatment, meditation, Yoga and massage at reasonable prices to stay fit and healthy. Kerala massage in holistic style and in traditional way is world-famous. Such massages and treatments are provided in spas and yoga centers.

Greenery at Its Full Swing during Monsoon

Greenery at Its Full Swing during Monsoon in kerala

Greenery always provides relaxation to your eyes and keep them healthy. Kerala is all time green, but greenery increases manifold during Monsoon that keep one enticed and spell bound for the time to come. Banana, coconut, cardamom, pepper, cinnamon, basil, turmeric, rice, etc are different crops that are in full swing during monsoon. During monsoon, you will also see amazing waterfalls, beaches and backwaters that will surprise you. Attractive discounts are also provided during monsoon season on hotels and all other facilities.

Explore Backwaters during Monsoon Season

Backwaters of Kerala

Backwaters of Kerala become so beautiful that they attract tourists from across the world. Alappuzhu-Canal Cruise, Alappuzha-Kochi cruise, Alumkadavu-Kollam, Ashtamudi, Kumarakom, and Mannanam in Kottayam, etc are some amazing options to enjoy your holidays and honeymoon in monsoon season. You will find backwaters covered with greenery to surprise you and persuade for the best time to enjoy in a memorable way.

Kerala Beaches – Looks Beautiful and Romantic During Monsoon

Kerala Beaches

Beaches are the most amazing beauty of Kerala that looks very attractive during monsoon. Untouch Kerala Beaches looks Beautiful during Monsoon. There are numerous beautiful beaches to surprise you and persuade you for memorable beach holidays in Kerala. These beaches include Shanghumukham beach, Veli lagoon, Somatheeram, Varkala, Marari, Bekal, and Cherai that will surprise you.

Don’t Miss to Explore and Stay in Tree Houses during Monsoon in Kerala

Tree Houses

Tree house accommodation is gaining momentum in Kerala that most of the people love to enjoy. Stay in tree houses to watch birds chirping from a next, witness morning downpour and observe the most distinctive inhabitants at Wayanad Kerala.

There are numerous other good reasons that will persuade you for memorable holidays and honeymoon in Monsoon in Kerala. You have to choose the right and Kerala tour package or cheap honeymoon packages in Kerala from a trusted and reputed travel agency according to your choice and for the number of days you want to enjoy. There is a lot more you will get from a selected travel agency. Customized tour packages are also provided to you according to your specific requirement. You can book such tour packages in advance and enjoy the best time in a way like never before. So what you are waiting for, feel free to contact via any convenient mode of communication and enjoy the best time in a memorable way.For more information about Kerala visit our website here : –


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