Visit the Best Temples of Kerala during Your Holidays and Honeymoon in Green State in India

Kerala, a honeymooners’ paradise, is not only known for its beaches, backwaters and spice fields, but also for a number of temples that are most popular in India. The beautiful state, called as the Land of Gods, is full of some wonderful temples that you can explore during your honeymoon. Plan for the kerala honeymoon packages with airfare and you will enjoy the best time in a memorable way. Most of the temples are dedicated to Lord Ayyappa along with Lord Shiva and Vishnu. Some of the best Kerala tour packages are offered to cover the prime temples of the state. Here is the list of some of the most beautiful and popular temples in Kerala.

Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple, Thiruvananthapuram

Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple, Thiruvananthapuram

Being one of the most beautiful and famous temples of Kerala, it is built in Dravidian Style of architecture dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Foundation of the temple is very much old as it is mentioned in holy Hindu Sculptures like Skanda Purana and Padma Purana. Don’t miss the Alpashy Festival in October- November and Panguni Festival in March-April.

Sabrimala Sastha Temple – Pathanathitta

Sabarimala Sastha Temple, Pathanamthitta

Probably the most beautiful and popular temples in Kerala, the beautiful and sacred temple is very close to Periyar Tiger Reserve. According to records, more than 50 million pilgrimages visit the temple every year. Here, people wear blue or black dresses, smear Sandal on forehead and remain unshaven until journey comes to an end. It is said that only men are allowed to enter the temple. Women in menstruating age group are prohibited.

Attukal Bhagavathy Temple in Thiruvananthapuram

Attukal Bhagavathy Temple, Thiruvananthapuram

Very close to famous Sree Padamanabhaswamy Temple, this temple is also another popular worship place. Don’t miss to be the part of Attukal Pongal in the month of Feb-March.

Ambalapuzha Srikrishna Temple, Ambalapuzha

Ambalapuzha Srikrishna Temple, Ambalapuzha

The beautiful temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna, here pilgrimages worshop Unni Krishna – the child form of lord. Best time to visit the temple is The Amabalapuzha Temple Festival (July), The Aaraattu festival (March-April)

Chottanikkara Temple in Chottanikkara

Chottanikkara Temple, Chottanikkara

Being one of the most popular temples in Kerala, Chottanikkara Temple is dedicated to Chottanikkara Devi – worshiped in three different forms. Best time to visit the temple is in October.

Guruvayoor Srikrishna Temple in Guruvayoor

Guruvayoor Srikrishna Temple, Guruvayoor

Dedicated to Lord Krishna, the beautiful temple is dedicated to four armed standing Krishna carrying the conch Panchjanya, Sudarshana Chakra, Kaumodaki and Lotus with a holy basil garland. It is called as Dwarka of the south India. Best time to visit is Feb/March, Mid-April and Dec/Jan.

Ettunanoor Mahadeva Temple in Kottayam

Ettumanoor Mahadeva Temple, Kottayam

The beautiful and ancient temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva that is among the most popular five Shiva temples in the state. Best time to visit is in Feb/March.

Tali Temple in Kozhikode

Tali Temple, Kozhikode

The beautiful temple is known for its exclusive architecture dedicated to Lord Shiva. Best time to visit is in Oct/November.

Thirunelli Temple – Wayanad Valley

Thirunelli Temple, Wayanad Valley

The ancient temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. It is known as the Kashi of the southern part of India.

Vadakkunathan Temple in Thrissur

Vadakkunathan Temple, Thrissur

It is recognized as the National Monument by India under the AMASR Act. The beautiful temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Best time to visit is in Feb/March, July, August and April/May.

Kaviyoor Mahadeva Temple in Kaviyoor

Kaviyoor Mahadeva Temple, Kaviyoor

The beautiful temple, locally known as Thrikkaviyoor Mahadeva Temple, is a sacred shrine in Kerala where Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvati and Lord Hanuman are worshiped. It is among the most beautiful temples in Kerala. Best time to visit Temple is in Dec/Jan and Hunuman Jayanti.

Arammula Parthasarathy Temple in Mallapuzhassery

Aranmula Parthasarathy Temple, Mallapuzhassery

Another important temple in Kerala and one of the Divya Desams, Arammula Parthasarathy Teple is dedicated to Lord Krishna. Here, Arammula Uttarattthi Boat Race is organized in a memorable way.

Sivagiri Temple in Varkala

Sivagiri Temple, Varkala

Standing amongst the best temples in Kerala, the temple enshrines the tomb of Social Reformer and Sage Sree Narayana Guru. Best time to visit the temple is in Aug/Sep and on Samadhi Day.

Vaikom Mahadeva Temple in Vaikom

Vaikom Mahadeva Temple, Vaikom

One of the important temples in Kerala, it is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Vaikom Ashthami in the months of November and December is the best time to visit the temple. 

Mannarasala Nagaraja Temple in Haripad

Mannarasala Nagaraja Temple, Haripad

It is the most popular serpent God temples in Kerala; Mannarasala Nagaraja Temple is one of its kind temples in the country. You will see more than 30000 images of snakes along the paths among the tress here. Best time to visit is in October/November.

Sree Parassinikadavu Muthappan Temple in Parassinikadavu

Sree Parassinikadavu Muthappan Temple, Parassinikadavu

A different kind of temple in itself setting itself apart from other shrines in the state, it is on the bank of Valapattanam River. Best time to visit is Muthappan Thiruvoppana Mahothsavam (Feb/March), Puthari Thiruvappana festival (Dec/Jan).

Lokanarkavu Temple in Villiappally

Lokanarkavu Temple, Villiappally

The beautiful temple complex comprises of three temples dedicated to Durga, Shiva and Vishnu. Pooram Festival in the month of April is the best time to visit this temple.

Thiruvalla Temple in Thiruvalla

Thiruvalla Temple, Thiruvalla

Being one of the highly orthodox Temple, it is known for architectural grandeur and dedicated to Purusha as Lord SreeVallabhan. It is also among the Divya Desams in the state known for its stone-wooden carvings and mural paintings. Best time to visit is in Feb/March.

Thiruvanchikulam Shiva Temple, Kodungalloor

Thiruvanchikulam Shiva Temple, Kodungalloor

The beautiful temple in Kerala it is protected by Archaeological Survey of India.

Pazhavangadi Ganapathy Temple, Thiruvananthapuram

Pazhavangadi Ganapathy Temple, Thiruvananthapuram

Being a part of East Fort, the beautiful temple is in heart of Trivandrum known as Ganpati Temple in Kerala with 32 sculptures of Lord Ganesha in different forms.

Kottarakara Ganapathy Temple in Kottarakkara

Kottarakkara Ganapathy Temple, Kottarakkara

It is also dedicated to Lord Shiva where tourists from across the state and nation come to pay homage.

Pandalam Ayyappa Temple in Pandalam

Pandalam Ayyappa Temple, Pandalam

It is another important temple situated to the Pandalam Fort and worshiped for Lord Ayyappa.

Chengannur Mahadeva Temple in Chengannur

Chengannur Mahadeva Temple, Chengannur

Dedicated to Lord Shiva, the beautiful Temple is among the oldest and famous Shrines in Kerala that has two presiding deities as Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.

Malayalappuzha Temple, Malayalapuzha

Malayalappuzha Temple, Malayalapuzha

It is a 1000 year old temple where people come in the hope that their wishes will come true.

Nilakkal Mahadeva Temple, Perunad

Nilakkal Mahadeva Temple, Perunad

Situated on the way to Sabarimala Temple, the beautiful temple is in the 18-hilled garden of Lord Ayyappa.

By booking the cheap Kerala tour packages, you will get a chance to explore some of the best and famous temples of Kerala.For more information about Kerala tourism visit our website here .


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